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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Markel’s personal insurance products offer a wide range of liability solutions for both individuals and companies. In both cases, Markel combines different types of covers and services for accident and assistance using different formats.

Of note is the healthcare accident assistance, which features a wide network of doctors all over Spain managed by CANAL SALUD 24. Markel also offers a broad range of exclusive services to its clients through the website.

Our personal accident solutions have been designed to cover both groups and individuals with additional cover available for medical expenses.

Scope of Cover Personal Accident Insurance

  • Group business protection
  • Charities
  • Training establishments
  • Sports federations

Personal Insurance Team

Luis Bodaño

Personal Insurance Manager

+34 91 788 6168

José Miguel Espejo

Senior A&H Underwriter

+34 91 788 6169

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