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Markel TOP Cover Insurance

This accident insurance protects policyholders in the event of death or disability due to accidents of any type, whether they occur during a professional activity or in your personal life. It also offers a wide range of additional services.

The target client profile is anyone who wants to guarantee their peace of mind against life’s unknowns.

In addition to accident insuranceMarkel TOP Cover also features additional services, like the Canal Salud 24 health service. This service is an assistance platform where you can consult with GPs, paediatricians and psychologists on the phone, online or using an app 24/7. There is also medical assistance, either via phone or by going into the confidential medical chat room where you can immediately and directly contact a doctor who will answer questions on symptoms, pathologies, test results, diagnoses, treatments and surgical procedures. Another service of the TOP Cover product is paediatric care, a psychologist, the option of having a digital medical history that you can check on a tablet, and it also provides notifications to relatives in the event of a problem.

Worth noting also is that the TOP Cover product provides access to a large network of specialists and centres with a large medical pool, primary care, medical specialties, physiotherapy and rehab, dental service, beauty and aesthetics, natural therapies and more.

The services listed above can be used anywhere in Spain, regardless of where you live. The costs of the services of the network of specialists and centres are available either by telephone, online or the app for mobile phones.

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  • Remote enquiries: telephone, online, app
  • Medical case
  • Paediatric care
  • Psychological care
  • Nutrition and diet advice
  • Coordination of medical emergencies
  • Digital medical history
  • Notification to relatives
  • Medical pool: access to a large network of professionals
  • Dental service
  • Beauty and aesthetics
  • Natural therapies
  • Leisure and well-being
  • CSGLOBAL store
  • Telephone legal assistance
  • Access to the International SOS network of lawyers: special contracting conditions
  • Documentary filings in the event of the death of policyholder or relatives
  • Accident injury claims
  • 10 hours of home care in the event of permanent or severe disability
  • Dependency counselling service
  • Family advice service
  • Purchase online through authorised broker
  • Includes motorcycle accidents (limited to €30,000)
  • Includes leisure and sports activities (except high risk)
  • Clear and understandable language
  • Insurance designed specifically to cover real needs
  • No exclusions for professional activity
  • Services provided by experienced professionals

Scope of Cover Markel TOP Cover Insurance

Markel TOP Cover offers thorough, 24-hour insurance cover:

  • Death: €100,000
  • Permanent complete or severe disability: €100,000

The complementary guarantees include:

  • Burial costs for accidental death: up to €3,000
  • Orphan Benefit per Accident: Additional capital of €20,000
  • Payment for dependent children: €2,000 per child
  • Psychological assistance for beneficiaries in the event of the policyholder’s death: up to ten sessions or €600
  • Psychological assistance expenses in the event of permanent or severe disability: up to ten sessions or €600
  • Costs of adapting the policyholder’s home in the event of permanent or severe disability: up to €2,000
  • Costs of adapting the policyholder’s vehicle in the event of permanent or severe disability: up to €2,000



Complementary services included:

  • Health services at set prices
  • Legal Assistance – International SOS
  • Home Care Services – Dpen-D
  • Health Services (Canal Salud 24)

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