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Group Accident Insurance

Attention employers! Have you given any thought to offering a significant benefit that properly protects your employees? Group accident insurance is the best insurance cover option for your employees. Markel can provide death or permanent disability cover resulting from an accident, as well as other benefits. And best of all, it’s available at an affordable price that is tailored to the budgets of small organisations.

Personal insurance for group accidents is used by companies as a benefit for their employees, and also to offer them peace of mind, thus improving the employee-company relationship and providing a tool to increase employee loyalty.

The best advantages of purchasing a group accident insurance policy over an individual accident policy is that the premium paid per person is usually lower than for individual policies, which is appealing to companies.

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Collective Accident Insurance

Markel allows companies to provide accident risk benefits to its employees stemming from its collective bargaining agreement. We are convinced that we have designed one of the best proposals on the market for this type of required product, pursuant to RD 1588/1999 (Law to outsource pension commitments).

The advantages of Markel’s Collective Accident Insurance policy, which meets the requirements of industry collective bargaining agreements (CBA), include highly competitive prices and additional, high-value services:

  • Policies fully compliant with the outsourcing law
  • Insured capital automatically updated as per CBA requirements
  • Group policies and annual regularisation using the TC2 form

We also include events classified as workplace accidents: heart attack, stroke, etc., which are covered if they are determined to be a workplace accident by a competent authority (Social Security or a judge).

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