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Expatriates Insurance

Companies send their employees to countries all over the world in an effort to improve their corporate results.

These companies want to ensure the well-being of their employees, which is why they seek out the best insurance option.

This policy focuses on covering healthcare and related risks for those people who are posted abroad for work reasons. In addition to covering employees, it can also provide cover for their families.

Markel Expatriates offers two options, TOP for those who require more comprehensive cover, and Easy, with more affordable premiums.

The company can select the option that best fits its needs and those of its employees.

Get your insurance

  • Access to comprehensive plans that provide the protection needed by expatriate employees and their families, with the ability to choose the type of plan for each policyholder
  • Company benefit that confirms the company’s commitment to its employees, required to recruit and retain the most qualified professionals
  • Easily allows including expatriate employees and their families at any time
  • Offers the best level of service to policyholders, meaning companies can rest assured that their employees are in good hands
  • Makes available a 24-hour hotline to the HR Department to ask for any information on the policy
  • Offers peace of mind during their stay abroad
  • Protects expatriate employees and their families with a comprehensive plan that covers medical expenses, accident indemnity and assistance in the foreign country
  • Access to a 24/7 multi-language call centre and website where employees can find all kinds of information on the insurance, claims, medical network, etc., and contact customer service

Scope of Cover Expatriates Insurance

  • Overall limit per policyholder and year: up to €2,500,000
  • Medical expenses:
    • Out-patient and hospital emergencies
    • Primary care, house calls and doctor visits for: General Medicine, Paediatrics and Child Care
    • Nursing Services
    • Specialities: Consultations, diagnostic tests and treatments
    • Complementary diagnostic methods: Clinical tests, X-rays, etc
    • Special treatments: Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, physical therapy and rehab, speech therapy, etc
    • Hospitalisation and surgery
    • Maternity and newborns
    • Other: Ambulance, podiatry, prostheses, AIDS, preventive medicine
    • Dental and eye care
    • Personal accident. Payment in the event of death or full permanent disability
    • Assistance guarantee in country of expatriation: Travel and lodging for companion in case of hospitalisation, repatriation of mortal remains, etc

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