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Let Markel Top Miscellaneous insure your profession

Top Miscellaneous is a professional civil liability option offered by Markel and intended for self-employed professionals, start-ups, MSME and SME. What does this product provide? This policy is a contract between a professional and the insurer through which the latter agrees to hold the former harmless against any claims filed by their clients or other individuals who have been affected by a mistake in their professional activity.

The cover offered is of the claims-made type with unlimited retroactivity. This civil liability insurance is intended for professionals like advertisers, consultants, real estate agents, psychologists/psychoanalysts, image consultants, translators and interpreters, conflict mediators, adjusters, psychologists, community managers and others.

For example, Markel Top Miscellaneous covers all the legal expenses to defend the insured, as well as any damages and expenses that may be awarded if it is determined that the insured provided faulty advice, services or designs.  The main advantages of this product are simple pricing and purchasing through a proposal form, ample cover (professional civil liability and general professional civil liability, including cross, subsidiary, tenant’s and employer’s liability), unlimited retroactivity, an option for the amount of cover provided for Professional CL ranging from €150,000 to €1,500,000, adapting the premium based on the billing volume and cover within Spain and the European Union.

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Main types of cover offered by Top Miscellaneous:

Covers the policyholder’s civil liability for reasons of negligence, wrongful professional acts in the performance of their professional activity, primary financial damages, legal defence costs, sub-limited cover for the loss of documents. It also provides the following cover: illegal invasion of a third party’s right to honour and privacy, professional disqualification up to €18,000, dishonesty of employees up to the sub-limit indicated in the specific conditions, data protection for minor infractions, decommitment of expenses, defence costs for claims stemming from a breach or unauthorised uses of registered trademarks or copyrights up to the sub-limit indicated in the specific conditions.

Covers civil liability associated with personal injury, material damage, consequential damages sustained by a third party as a result of the insured activity described in the specific conditions of the policy, inside or outside the policyholder’s facilities.

Covers civil liability due to personal injury sustained by employees as the result of a workplace accident, independently of any benefits provided by the required workplace accident and illness insurance policy; with different sub-limit options per victim.

Covers civil liability for damage sustained by property under lease.

Covers joint, subsidiary and direct liability for damages arising from the actions of contractors and/or subcontractors.

Covers civil liability for personal injuries to the employees of subcontractors or other companies taking part in work related to your activities.

Scope of cover Top Miscellaneous Insurance:

  • Customs agents
  • Energy and/or energy efficiency consultants and consultants
  • Coaches, Coaching Companies
  • Commercial agents
  • Psychologists / psychoanalysts (without clinical psychology)
  • Environmental, acoustics and/or water quality consultants
  • Marketing agencies (except direct marketing, sales promotion and telemarketing)
  • Graphic design
  • Image consultants
  • File and Document Scanning and Storage consultants
  • Data protection consultants
  • Communication and press offices
  • Advertising agencies
  • Communication and public relations consultants
  • Quality Consultants
  • Private detectives/criminologists
  • Photographers (excluding press photographers)
  • Experts (excluding real estate appraisal)
  • Translators and interpreters
  • Real estate agencies
  • Foreign trade consultants
  • Business consultants and business strategy
  • Human Resources Consultants
  • Headhunters / Selección de personal/Coaching
  • Headhunters/Recruiters/Coaches
  • Franchise Consulting
  • Recovery companies
  • Conflict mediators
  • Speech therapists
  • Logistics consultants
  • Community Manager

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