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Over the course of their daily work, it is normal for any worker to experience an accident, no matter the profession.  What is certain is that not all jobs are equally complicated when it comes to doing them, which is why certain tasks should be backed by a technical professional civil liability insurance policy.

Technical professionals engage in tasks that adhere to certain rules with specific requirements (quality and competence in the field of activity) that are essential to properly carrying out their duties.

As a result, their safety must not be compromised, and a technical professional civil liability insurance policy that covers every employee equally, regardless of their tasks within the company, should always be in place.

In the area of insurance planning, Markel has positioned itself in the market thanks to its excellent reputation, the result of impeccable management, services rendered and the price we offer for our products. For a technical professional civil liability policy, Markel offers cover (companies and professionals) for: architecture/technical architecture firms, engineering firms, quality control laboratories (construction materials, water quality), inspection agencies, surveying firms, geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical offices (excluding drilling and bore holes), and environmental studies firms.

In each of these areas, there are workers who are exposed to many accidents and unexpected conditions over the course of their work that could result in personal injury (bodily harm) or material damage (degradation of a product). This calls for having a technical professional civil liability policy. This tool will ease the burden of having to pay large compensations to victims, thus safeguarding a company’s or professional’s wealth. To be clear, all incidents are associated with the partial or total loss of the performance of the technical duties of these professionals.

Relying on a company like Markel will make both workers and employers safe in the knowledge that they have the tools needed to face any situation correctly without fearing the consequences, so they can go about their business and let the experts handle the consequences of any problem on the job that is covered by a Markel technical professional civil liability insurance policy.

No wonder this company relies on an entire internal team to handle claims. A group with an extensive background in this area (processors, handlers, adjusters, etc.) that will no doubt resort to other agencies (service providers) to safeguard the interests of the policyholders in order to provide effective assistance and resolve the claim as efficiently as possible.

As for claims management, Markel makes every effort to provide a service of impeccable quality and excellence that the company has achieved thanks to its experience as an insurer.

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Scope of Cover Technical Insurance

Areas of cover include:
  • Engineering firms
  • Offices of Architects/ Technical Architecture
  • Quality Control laboratories (construction materials, water)
  • Inspection companies
  • Surveying Companies
  • Geological, Hydrogeological and Geotechnical Studies (excluding drilling and perforations)
  • Environmental Studies Companies

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