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As a professional, you have to be ready to provide a quality service to consumers who seek the support of experts in order to feel confident in doing certain specific jobs or duties. When the expected level of quality is not achieved, many professionals must account for their work in court, which is why they turn to insurance companies every day to receive guidance and peace of mind when making decisions involving these processes.

If you wish to purchase a Miscellaneous civil and professional liability insurance policy, there’s nothing better than having the support of experts, like Markel.

Markel paves the way for a quality service

This company provides its brokers with innovative tools so they can offer the most complete cover and peace of mind, as long as the policyholder meets the necessary requirements.

Moreover, Markel doesn’t limit itself to just covering the policyholder; it also offers advice on preventing risky situations at no added cost, even relying on assistance from professional experts in various situations.

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This type of policy is an agreement between the insurer and the professional in which the insurer agrees to pay any associated claims (damages, legal defence costs and payment of fees) from clients or other affected individuals.

Provides cover for claims made against the policyholder that are duly notified to the insurer for the first time. Some of the activities covered by this policy include: law offices, management companies, tax/labour/accounting consulting firms, advertising agencies, adjusters, consultancies, marketing/telemarketing firms and other sectors whose conditions can be adapted to this policy to offer broad cover.

Claims involving actions performed as part of one’s professional activity that harm a third party will always be considered as long as they cannot be tied to claims for breach of contract, in which previously accepted contractual obligations were violated.

Cover included

The sections mentioned have an aggregate compensation limit.

From negligence to wrongful professional acts by the policyholder only as these apply to the performance of his professional activity. Includes primary cover and additional cover.

Damage to movable and immovable property in the policyholder’s possession. Optional For personal injury and material damage to third parties or as a result of the performance of the insured activity and described in the policy purchased, whether inside or outside the policyholder’s facilities.

Claims for accidents, illnesses, fees or fines. Optional Covers personal injury suffered by employees as the result of a workplace accident, independently of any benefits provided by the required workplace accident and illness insurance policy.

  • They are specialised
  • They are claims-based and offer ample cover
  • Option for unlimited retroactivity
  • Can provide cover internationally
  • May be tailored to each insured individual

Scope of Cover Miscellaneous Insurance

The activities that can be covered by this insurance include:

  • Law Offices
  • Labour and Tax Counselling
  • Administrative Agencies
  • Property managers
  • FIFA Agents

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