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This policy was created specifically for professionals who work in companies involved in new technologies and communications, and covers first-time claims made against the insured that result from wrongful professional acts that supposedly occurred during the Insurance period. This is pursuant to the conditions accepted beforehand in the contract, without prejudice to any other additional cover that may be purchased through an insurance supplement.

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When you work in companies involved in these activities, the proper care and operation of equipment, the safeguarding of confidential computer data, the authentication of contents in terms of their authorship and many other details typical of your everyday work always have to be kept in mind. You have to protect yourself against these risks by purchasing an effective policy that offers peace of mind in terms of claims involving your professional work and quality.

The good news is that Markel IT offers an innovative policy so that if you’re a professional who works in the computer and/or technology sector, you can be protected under a claims-made contract.

These policies cover the policyholder throughout the world (except the US and Canada), and are not limited to SPAIN or the EUROPEAN UNION.

They were created to provide comprehensive cover as an essential feature, given the clear and specific needs facing this sector. The result is a contract that clearly explains the policy’s scope in every case.

Enjoy the feeling of being covered by Markel IT with a product designed to turn your everyday routine into an unparalleled experience. Feel represented and secure in the knowledge that you’re covered every step of the way.

The Markel IT policies are quite specific and also cover claims involving intellectual and/or industrial property, the loss of computer records or documents and faulty data protection.

They can even cover employee dishonesty, professional disqualification and even the loss of documents, all fairly typical situations in this field of work.

Markel IT also includes ample Civil Liability cover, also known as Professional CL, which protects the policyholder in the event of material damage, personal injury and primary and consequential financial damages, as well as a wrongful professional act.

This policy may include defence costs and the posting of civil or criminal bonds.

The Civil Liability policy includes other, more usual, options, such as: General CL, Employer’s CL (€150,000 per victim), Cross CL, Tenant’s CL (€150,000 per claim and annual insurance premium), Subsidiary CL for Contractors and Subcontractors (General CL), Product CL and Technical Product CL.

When choosing a Markel IT policy, you will no doubt find one that suits your need for protection against all types of claims involving your job in the technology sector. Get advice from experts who can steer you toward the insurance policy that’s right for you.

Scope of Cover Markel IT Insurance

Areas of cover include:

  • IT Companies
  • Companies in new technologies and communication

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