More and more Spaniards are crossing our borders working with their companies in different countries. These are normally temporary trips abroad of people who are normally based in Spain; i.e., they have not permanently moved abroad. We are not referring to emigrants here, but people who work with a Spanish company and have to spend certain periods of time abroad, either alone or with their family. They will also travel back to Spain on a regular basis.

This fact leads to a number of risks that must be covered. This is a demanding group, as they are employees who must travel for work purposes and they need the best conditions.

The insurance market is looking for solutions to these needs by means of a wide range of products including death coverage, disability, health care assistance, repatriation, etc.. and can be grouped into three sections: Risk (Life / Accident) Business Travel (Business Travel) and Expatriates.

Another revealing statistic: in 2008 the number of business trips was 2.1 million and increased to 2.9 million on 2012. This percentage increase is particularly significant during Spain’s economic crisis.

As the type of company that goes abroad has expanded, frequent destinations have also increased. Destinations are not limited to Latin America; it is also increasingly common to find Spanish operations in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

It must also be noted that not just senior manager and skilled technicians who go abroad, there are also employees of any profile.