New Professional Civil Liability Insurance Pre-quoted Product

In its effort to provide a better service to its customers in Spain, this new proposal form is very straightforward and easy to complete by the insured. It also incorporates a full range of insurance coverage with very competitive premiums. It is just a matter of completing the proposal form and ensure it is signed and dated by the policy holder.  This is enough to issue the policy complete with tacit renewal and additional coverage in General Liability, Employee Liability and Rental Civil Liability.   In addition, the proposal form allows the customer to opt for a 1 year retroactive coverage or unlimited coverage.

Just some of the sectors benefitting from this offer include:

  • Consultancy firms
  • Marketing and Communication Agencies
  • Advertising
  • Consultants
  • Photographers
  • Private Detectives
  • Others

Professional firms that meet the requirements of the proposal form can also take advantage of the annual net premium fee of €360. If any requirement is not met, the matter will be specifically looked into by an underwriter, after care analysis of the requested information in each case.

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